Note on the format of medical prescriptions of MUGEJU

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Official recipe MUGEJU

It reminds mutualists that since 21 January 2013 medical prescriptions of MUGEJU have adopted the format of the model that is enclosed in implementation of the Royal Decree 1718 / 2010, of 17 December on prescription and dispensing orders.

The current model of MUGEJU recipe distinguishes because the identification number is preceded by the letter Z .

Is not valid any other prescription format, so the social activism in their possession old checkbooks of recipes, should refrain from making use of the same and proceed to its destruction. Recipes with old format are not accepted in the offices of pharmacy .

It recalls that the books MUGEJU recipes can be requested through the Electronic Site , by mail or fax, by filling in the corresponding form or personally in the delegation provincial or in the central MUGEJU.

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