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a. Organs of leadership and management:

  1. Management
  2. Provincial Delegates
  • The Management: it is the board of management and direction of the Judicial General Mutuality, which holds the agency representation, and all the leadership, management and inspection of the activities of the same.
  • Provincial Delegates: in each province there is a provincial delegate, who serves as executive missions, by delegation of manager, as a liaison body with central services.


b. Organs of participation in the control and monitoring of management:

  1. The General Assembly
  2. The Standing Committee
  • The General Assembly is the body of general supervision of the activity of the General Mutuality Judicial. Its functions are to adopt the action plan the agency, annual report and propose measures for the development of Social security schemes of staff at the service of the administration of justice.
  • The Standing Committee: is the body delegate of the General assembly, with members representing the different bodies of the administration of justice, whose main function is to ensure compliance with the rules and agreements, report the matters referred to him and Management of projects of general provision.